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Why BCD Communications/Kind and Firm Parenting for Your Organization?


BCD Communications, the parent company of Kind and Firm Parenting, specializes in Team-Building for organizations, using the similar Positive Discipline concepts that Kind and Firm Parenting uses, geared towards adult-to-adult communication. Here are some examples of the concepts:

  • Mutual respect - respect for oneself and others

  • Social equality - dignity and respect for everyone 

  • Behavior is purposeful - aimed toward belonging and significance

  • Behavior is determined by beliefs - need to look at the belief behind someone's behavior to understand the cause

  • Neurobiology is a factor - hard to solve a problem when you're upset

  • Encouragement - misbehaving adults are discouraged adults

Our goal is to empower your organization's team to work together in a more respectful, effective manner. We do this through experiential activities in our workshops which help participants put "themselves in the other person's shoes". Many "aha" moments are achieved which lead to longer-lasting learning and growth. A more effective team improves the success of projects, and in turn, adds to the organization's overall success.

The Lunch and Learn Workshops help parents and other employees with children in their lives to be able to interact with them in a more respectful way, which leads to better cooperation. Employees' stress is reduced and they have improved relationship and communication skills which can also be used in the work environment (since the same Positive Discipline concepts can be used, as previously mentioned, in adult/adult communication). This, in turn, benefits the organization.  

What BCD Communications/Kind and Firm Parenting Offers Your Organization


We offer two different services for organizations:

  1. Team-Building for Employees

    • Uses the concepts from Positive Discipline for more effective adult-to-adult communication

    • Experiential activities that make the learning practical, fun, and interesting

      • Examples of some activities:​

        • Team Agreements

        • Teams Helping Teams Problem-Solving Steps​

        • Effective Team Meetings

        • Mistakes: 4 R's of Recovery

        • Leadership Styles: What is Yours?

  2. Lunch and Learn Parenting Workshops

    • Parenting workshops held during an organization's lunchtime​​

    • Experiential activities that make the learning practical, fun, and interesting

    • Introductory Parenting with Positive Discipline Workshop and specific ​topics for parenting workshops

      • Examples of specific parenting topics​

        • Effectively Setting Boundaries with Children

        • Understanding the Belief Behind Children's Misbehaviors (It's often not what you think)

        • Helping Siblings Build a Positive Relationship with one another

        • Building Positive Relationships with Pre-Teens/Teens

        • Bullying Prevention using Positive Discipline

        • Problem-Solving with Children​​​

Team-Building for Employees

Team-Building for Employees

Lunch and Learn Parenting Workshops

Lunch and Learn Parenting Workshops

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