Positive Discipline

at School

For school staff who want to learn the Positive Discipline concepts and tools, so they can incorporate them as part of their Social  Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum with the students. A school-wide approach to SEL has been found to be very beneficial to the whole community. 

Two age-related offerings:

  • Preschool - high school

    • Positive Discipline in the Classroom​

  • Preschool-only

    • Positive Discipline for Early Childhood Educators​

Classroom & Playground Observations/Coaching

Classroom and playground interactions between students and school staff are viewed to see where Positive Discipline concepts and tools may help improve challenging situations. The coaching is one-on-one help to give you concepts and tools so you can connect better and teach your students more effectively 


for Staff

For school staff to learn effective team-building strategies based upon the Positive Discipline concepts. These workshops are geared towards using these concepts in adult-to-adult communication to empower team members.

Solutions to Bullying

Two separate workshops to help schools deal with the difficult problem of bullying:

  • Bullying Prevention Using Positive Discipline Concepts

    • Audience: School Staff​

  • Solutions to Bullying​

    • Audience: School Leadership Team​

Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way 

For school staff or other adults in the school community who will be facilitating parent education and want to learn how to make use of the Positive Discipline concepts and tools to support parents and other caregivers at home with their children. 


Positive Discipline at School


Team-Building for Staff


Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way 


Classroom & Playground Observations/Coaching


Solutions to Bullying