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Why Kind and Firm Parenting for Families?


Children don't come with a learning manual, unfortunately. Some parents have grown up with positive parenting, which served as modeling for them, on how to be positive parents. However, most of us, our parents included, grew up with parents who sometimes used positive parenting, however, most often resorted to authoritarian (punitive) parenting, permissive parenting, or swung back and forth between the two.  

The poet, Maya Angelou, could have been talking about parenting when she said this, "Do the best you can, then when you know better, do better." At Kind and Firm Parenting, our goal is to help parents learn more effective concepts and tools so they can move towards "kind and firm parenting" (Positive Discipline, authoritative parenting) more of the time, instead of using punitive or permissive parenting. All Positive Discipline concepts and tools are respectful to both parents and children, and are based upon an encouragement model of parenting (Children do better when they feel better). 


What Kind and Firm Parenting Offers Families


We offer two different services for families:

  1. Parent Coaching

    • One-on-one help to give you concepts and tools to connect better and parent more effectively with your children

  2. Customized Private Parenting Group Workshops

    • For those who are in a parenting group and want us to facilitate a parenting workshop for them.

Services for Parents

Services for Parents
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