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A story for all ages: "THE MISSING PIECE Meets the BIG O" by Shel Silverstein

Updated: May 4, 2023

For those who want to support children to avoid becoming people-pleasers and just "running with the crowd" in order to fit in, this is the book for you to share with them.

"THE MISSING PIECE Meets the BIG O" by Shel Silverstein is a short, delightful read. Definitely a book that will lend itself to interesting conversations with your children, as they hear about the Missing Piece's journey and eventual encounter with the Big O.

I've found this book to be a real gem in its simplicity of short sentences and phrasing, yet the main concept that the book explores is actually one that all ages have struggled with - "How do I fit in?" In my opinion, the book handles this subject beautifully and gives us all a lot to think about. Lastly, I love a book where the pictures bring the story to life and this book hits that mark.

Have fun reading, "THE MISSING PIECE Meets the BIG O" by Shel Silverstein. A book that all ages can enjoy and think about long after they've finished reading it.

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