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Want to Prevent Bullying? Read the book, the bully, the bullied, and the not-innocent bystander.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Bullying - just seeing or hearing the word can cause people stress. Since many people who are bullied often experience emotional pain that lasts a lifetime, it's important to prevent bullying, as much as possible.


These are some of the bullying prevention tips in Barbara Coloroso's book:

  • Have a more deeply caring community

  • Adults being warm, showing positive interest, and being involved

  • Establish what unacceptable behavior is and set firm limits

  • Apply consistent discipline (which teaches, instead of punishment)

  • Create an authoritative child-rearing model

  • Work towards a positive school climate and culture

  • Schools focusing on children's social and emotional development, along with academic growth

This book is a worthwhile resource on understanding bullying and its prevention. Reading this book also reinforced to me how much the Positive Discipline concept of belonging and significance is key to bullying prevention.

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