• BeckyD

Encouragement leads to Positive Relationships. Read the book, Encouraging Words for Kids.

This book is a time-saver in that by taking the time to read it (maybe takes 1 hour), you'll save a lot of time because of positive relationship-building. What I mean by this is that, when a solid foundation is built, then you can focus your energies on other things. When the foundation is weak, time and energy is focused on building it, and there's no time and energy to focus elsewhere (and a lot of joy is taken out of the relationship, in this case).

I'm encouraging you to take the time and build a strong foundation of encouragement in all of your relationships. Although this book is originally intended for adults interacting with children - the book's subtitle is, "What to Say To bring Out a Child's Confidence" - the concepts can be adapted to be used with adults. Hint - we all need encouragement.

The book is not only short, it's an easy read. The first chapter, is an introductory chapter giving some foundational information on encouragement. The next five chapters each have an encouragement theme, as well as, contain an inspirational quote, information related to the encouragement theme, many examples of encouraging statements related to the theme, and "A Parent's Perspective" section which contains one story of a parent using encouragement with their child. The last chapter ties it all together.

Here are the chapter titles/subtitles, along with one encouraging statement, as an example, to give you a flavor of the book:

  1. Creating a Compass - Understanding Encouragement

  2. "Thank You!" - Showing Appreciation             EX: "Thanks for helping!"

  3. "Wow!" - Showing Talent                    EX: "You did that all on your own -- no help!

  4. ""You Did It!" - Making Accomplishments        EX: "Your hard work really paid off."

  5. "I Trust You." - Solving Problems                   EX: "What would you do about it?"

  6. "I'm Listening." - Emotional Encouragement   EX: "Tell me more about what you think about this.

  7. "Putting the Pieces Together - Acceptance and Encouragement

Lastly, I think the final quote (by Peggy O'Mara), the author includes, sums up why to use encouragement (and to read this book): "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."

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