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Fun book on how to calm: "Peaceful Piggy Meditation" by Kerry Lee MacLean.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This book is an easy read, so your children who are readers can read it to you, or you can read it to your younger children. The beauty is no matter what your

age, you can benefit from this book.

The pictures make the learning fun and interesting. Many different situations are addressed, even that one where you have a really rotten day.

The end of the book walks through the peaceful piggy meditation, mind-in-a-jar experiment, and family meditation. I believe one of the most powerful aspects of the book is the family meditation. The author shares her story about raising five children and how she started meditating regularly with her children, when the family went through a crisis.

Now that families are "sheltering in place" at home, starting a meditation practice as a family could be one of the priceless gifts you give your children. Through a tough situation can come some good. Here's to meditating for the good of your health and family!

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