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Positive Discipline Tips to Start the School Year Off Right

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I recently returned from the annual Positive Discipline Association (PDA) Conference and the PDA Think Tank (PD Trainer and Educator yearly training) and had the good fortune to hear both Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott present, in their respective sessions.

Their wealth of knowledge always amazes me and they are so inspiring to both parents and educators. They both are humble and I appreciate how they remind us that, "Mistakes are opportunities to learn.", a concept that so many of us may struggle with. What a relief to know that we can, and will make mistakes, and we can learn from them (and grow and become better people, because of them.)

As we start the new school year, with our own or other's children, let's support the children in learning from their mistakes and taking responsibility for them.

Below are more tips I wanted to share:

Tips for both parents and teachers:Encouragement is a growth mindset ideaPromote a culture of, "We're going to solve the problem." (versus a particular child being "the problem")Curiosity Questions: Don't assume - ask kids first. In other words, be curious, and ask them questions! Tips for Teachers;A Positive Climate for Learning: Visualize a train track (two rails): one rail represents Belonging & Significance and the other rail represents Academic Achievement - Focus on positive belonging and significance for children and their academic achievement will improve, as wellPositive Discipline Tools for Teachers: These are new and full of helpful tools and techniques for teachers. Check them out at

Above all else, model the behavior you'd like to see from children - whether you are a teacher or parent. Children are always watching us.

​Enjoy back to school!



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