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Positive Discipline Tool Card: One Word

Positive Discipline Teacher's Tool Cards by Jane Nelsen and Kelly Gfroerer and Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards by Jane Nelsen and Adrian Garsia, each offer 52 Positive Discipline tools that are available to help with many teaching and parenting challenges. One Word is the highlighted tool in this blog post.

After trying out this tool with the children in your life, please share a story of success, or struggle, you've had with it. Thank you! The more you apply the Positive Discipline teaching and parenting tools, the more they will become a part of your own lifestyle. Practice makes better!



Story - Katherine, a second grade teacher, liked to use the one word "trash" at snack and lunchtimes, to gently remind the children, who left trash behind, to put it into the trash can.



Story - When my 14 year old daughter gets so busy she forgets to feed the cats at the agreed upon time, simply saying, "cats" is often all it takes to help her remember.


Where can you purchase these tool card decks? The card decks are available at (Select products, then select tool cards) and there are versions available for iPhone and Android in the App stores on the phones.



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