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Tips for Healthier Media Use

Got media challenges? Check the list below to see if you, your family, or friends experience some of these:

  • Lost boundaries between home and school or between home and work - constantly using your cell phone blurs those lines

  • Phantom ring syndrome - hearing phone when it's not ringing

  • Psychologically dependent on phones

  • Craving text responses back

  • Hearing goes down when texting

  • Kids turn to their devices for de facto parenting and give up on their parents

  • Lose previous 9 minutes of what you studied when you check texts

  • Texting hijacks your prefrontal cortex of your brain

For anyone who struggles with these challenges, there is help. The information in this blog is taken from the September 30th, 2016, "Media Rules: Healthy Connections in the Digital Age" talk hosted by Challenge Success in Palo Alto, CA. Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D. was the keynote speaker, with Madeline Levine, Ph.D. and Denise Pope, Ph.D. of Challenge Success also speaking and all 3 serving on a panel discussion later. Understanding the challenges and suggestions they shared can help you disconnect from your devices more and connect more with people in your life.

Here are their suggestions to help you, your family, and friends connect more with people versus devices:

  • No using devices in the car - cars are a great time for conversations

  • No using devices at the dinner table

  • All devices out of the bedroom at a certain time

  • Challenge for kids to try: for 3 weeks, put their phones away when doing their homework

  • Don't use your phone as your alarm clock - have a regular alarm clock instead

  • Get to know your kids, away from their devices

  • Have a screen-free zone in your house - like the living room

Challenge Success has a powerful acronym: PDF = Playtime  Downtime  Family Time It serves as a reminder to us all how important these three elements are in life.

Check out the Challenge Success website at:   (Challenge Success is an independent, non-profit organization affiliated with the Stanford Graduate School of Education).

Looking forward to us all connecting more with others in our lives!

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