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"What's in a Logo?"

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Company logos usually are a symbolic representation of what the company is about and/or stands for.

Several people were interested in the story behind how I chose my company logo, so I decided to go ahead and share it with you all here.

As a parent educator, I decided to take a long look at possible logos and find something that fit my company name - Kind and Firm Parenting. It needed to show boundaries (to represent the firm side of parenting) and needed to show flexibility (to represent the kind side of parenting). 

The logo I chose - two parents joined together, with a child in a heart, open at the bottom - shows the firm (boundaries around the child) and the kind (the heart, open at the bottom, to show that the parents' boundary around the child can be flexible, and expand, as the child grows, to represent the child's growing independence with age).

The two parents represent parenting partners. Parenting partners aren't always two parents - they can be a single parent and another relative, friend, or anyone who serves to support that child as a caregiver. Basically, parenting partners represent two caregivers for the child, who love and care about the child.

Pretend that your family is a business. What would its logo be? I'd love to read what you came up with in the comment section. Thanks in advance for sharing!

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