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What's Mindset Got to do With it? Everything! Read the book, mindset, by Carol Dweck.

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

"Changing people's beliefs -- even simple beliefs--can have profound effects."  Carol Dweck

The two big beliefs that Dweck refers to in her book mindsetare:​

  1. Fixed mindset = a person's intelligence, personality, and moral character are unchangeable

  2. Growth mindset = a person's intelligence, personality, and moral character can change and grow through one's efforts.


Dweck states, "The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life." The view she's referring to is mindset. 

Mindset can be changed. So why is this important? Here's a generalized summary of effects of having the given mindset:

  1. Fixed mindset​ - Fears challenge and devalues effort; Concerned with how they'll be judged; Takes "safe" route to ensure success; One is either "born" with talent, or lacks it

  2. Growth mindset​ - Talent for identifying their own strengths and weaknesses; Concerned with improving; Taking Challenges = learned experiences; Understand it takes time for potential to be realized

What those with the growth mindset did, according to the following categories from the book:

  • School - Students are motivated to study to learn the material

  • Sports - Found success in doing their best, in learning and improving 

  • Business - Found success in cultivating a culture of growth and teamwork (using "we" and "us")

  • Relationships - Rise above blame, understand the problem, and try to fix it--together

  • Parenting - Parents positively taught their children when they misbehaved instead of judging them

  • Teaching - Set high standards for all of their students, not just for those already achieving

On average, changing habits takes 21 days. I don't know how long it takes the average person to change to a growth mindset, but in my opinion, how long doesn't matter. What matters is that a person make the change. Dweck shares so many stories and examples contrasting the two mindsets and making the case to embrace a growth mindset. It's good for the person, good for relationships, and good for our society. 

Like with any change, it takes time and is a process. A big thing I've learned from this book is not to do "all or nothing" thinking. For example, I no longer give up if I try something and I'm not successful with it quickly. I now look at what did I learn, what can I do differently, and then I get back up on the proverbial horse and give it my best effort again. It's much more encouraging this way and I've learned a lot and it opens me up to have more fun and success during the process.

This book is life-changing and I hope you will check it out and reap the benefits it offers through the growth mindset belief. Also, check out Carol Dweck's 2014 TEDx talk on "The power of believing that you can improve". It's only about 10 minutes long and well worth the time for value received.

I invite you to comment on mindsets.

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